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Adelaide based online marketing and SEO services – servicing Australia-wide. Designing your website is simply the beginning. To get your site out there – you need to have the right tools in place to give your site the best chance of survival in this ever-competitive online world we live in.

Here at our Adelaide based head-quarters, we have a team of dedicated SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Marketing specialists, to walk you through the process of boosting your sites online visibility. This is important as it will help you attract more customers from within your specific target audience, boosting client contact, sales and more.

Using our in-house team, we can assure you that your marketing and SEO tasks are not being outsourced to another country – where they lack local knowledge. Our team is based right here in Adelaide, South Australia – and we have years of experience in local online marketing and SEO

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Eye Dropper Designs is proud to be able to offer you Google Certified team members to handle your online marketing and SEO advertising campaigns.

Being Google Certified means that we are recognised by Google as demonstrating proficiency in advanced aspects of Google AdWords – and that we are recognised as online advertising professionals.

Some of the Google tools we utilise include:


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an investment you will make in your business to boost your online visibility. Simply having a website does not guarantee that anyone will be able to find you online.
If you’re spending money on marketing, you need to factor an SEO service into the mix. In saying that – these days, it is unlikely that an SEO service alone will make the difference you are hoping for.

It’s important to understand that good organic SEO is a long-term strategy. To monitor its effectiveness, we will provide you with free monthly reports for your website – so you can see how its performing.

Eye Dropper Designs can help you with local online marketing and SEO services – with in-depth analysis and reporting to ensure you maintain visibility of our strategies throughout the life of your plan. Online marketing and SEO will increase traffic and boost your sales.


Marketing in the Social Media world is fast on the increase. Put simply – if you’re not marketing in social media, then your missing out on a big chunk of clients.

Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing is a powerful tool whereby we can help you to target your advertising to very specific groups of people – based on various factors such as age, gender, geographical location, interests and hobbies, and much more.

As with owning a website won’t guarantee people see you online, the same as owning a facebook page will not guarantee people will like it. You need to use targeted marketing strategies to drive traffic to your social media pages, where they’ll find all sorts of interesting media and information about you and your business!

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