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Online and SEO Marketing on a budget

Any idea what SEO marketing is all about?  Looked at some of your competitors lately? Ever wondered why they keep snagging the customers when your providing a service that is just as good – or maybe even better than theirs?

I bet you have a pretty good website too? Or maybe not… Either way.
So how much time, effort and money do you spend on online marketing or SEO marketing? This could be the missing link in your equation. Having a good (or great) website is important. Having a great manager and great staff is pretty important too. Top-notch products are kind of essential…
But without a solid marketing campaign, you’ll be kicking yourself in the shins every time your competitor snags YOUR clients.
Can’t afford a full-fledged marketing campaign? That’s ok – there are plenty of things you can do yourself to boost your marketing edge on your own – either for free, or at a very low cost.

Here are a few marketing methods to think about:
1) Word of Mouth. Some would say that this is the ultimate form of marketing. It doesn’t get any better than someone talking up you, your services and your products. Good recommendations stick like glue! (Bad ones do too… but you’re not getting any of that are you?).
If you don’t have a huge client base, then start with the people you know. Get your friends and family on board and get them to mention your products / services to their friends and family. You might be surprised at what Uncle Bob didn’t know about your many talents!
It just takes a few to get the word moving – and it’s 100% FREE!

2) Facebook. Yep. Like it or not – Facebook is a major game player in the marketing world today. If you know how to target your audience, you can achieve quite a lot of traffic to your website or business through some simple facebook marketing.
Start by gathering some eye-catching photographs of you or your service or products. Make sure they like neat and tidy. If you’re savvy on the computer you could overlay some enticing text too (but not too text of facebook won’t approve your ad).
Offer a deal that they can’t possibly refuse! Maybe you could throw in a free pen (or something a little more enticing…).
Either way – gather some photos (maybe 5 would do), work out a catch phrase or an enticing deal, and put a budget a targeted ad.
You’ll be amazed at how far you can get with a $10 budget when used the right way!

3) Get the right look! What does that mean?
Well – I bet you have a business card don’t you? How does it look? Was it designed with your target audience in mind? There are many factors to consider when designing logos, business cards, flyers, posters, online ads, etc etc etc…. Things like using colour to trigger particular feelings and moods, shapes (such as straight corners versus round ones), font type and more – all of these things can be designed to hit the soft spot for your target audience.
So sit down, have a think about your target audience. Think about your service or product from their point of view – what would attract them to your business?
Now – turn that into your look. Keep your look consistent from one medium to the next. Use the same colours, fonts and styles from your website through to your printed bibs and bobs.

4) Youtube Videos!!! Yep – Youtube is a great place to advertise your services and products. Got a camera? Most DSLR’s record in video mode. Or what about a smart phone? They’re pretty damn good these days too.
Think about some creative ways to advertise your products. Create a drawing board or flow chart of ideas and concepts. Get some help from a friend to film it your way – or go on Ebay and buy a cheap tripod – or a stack of books can do the trick too!
There are plenty of easy to use editing programs out there that will allow you to put all your clips together in a nice, tidy little video – background music and all. Then all you have to do is create a Youtube account and start uploading your vids!
Be sure to add the tags in, your website or contact details and a good description too – that way when people start searching on Youtube or Google for a particular phrase – they might just come across your videos.

5) Blog posts. Free and easy!
It’s pretty simple to get a blog up and running these days and there are a few good free or cheap options out there – depending on what suits your needs.
Once it’s all set and ready to go, all you have to do is start writing articles! Write articles about anything and everything to do with your services and products.
Product reviews. Recommendations. Hints and tips. Anything!
Post to your blog regularly and then share it – get your blog on the move by starting with friends and family. Ask them to share it too! All it takes is one quick click to care with a share! (Remind them that when you ask them! )
Oh – and don’t forget an eye-catching image with every blog post. People like looking at pretty pictures and are much more likely to click on the blog if they like what they see.

6) Search Engine Optimisation. SEO marketing is kind of a double-edged sword method. It can take a long time to come into effect, and with something like SEO – you truly do get what you pay for. If you’re savvy enough with a bit of coding and the behind-the-scenes stuff of a website, then absolutely go ahead and research a few key SEO techniques and give them a go, but my personal advice – save yourself the headache and leave it to the experts!

Got any other ideas that have worked well for you? We’d love to hear about them!

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Thanks for some great tips! I definitely benefit from facebook, and would love to tap into the youtube crowd, however I always seem to have issues with video quality and uploading on youtube, so I’ve yet to take advantage of that SEO marketing tool. I will definitely have to have another look into it.

SEO marketing is a tricky beast at the best of times!
Video quality can be just as tricky if you’re not sure what your doing – or if you’re relying on automatic settings. Feel free to get in touch with us if you want help optimising your videos to kick-start your next online marketing campaign!

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